Video Series: Let’s Discuss-Cancer and Mental Health

Hi everyone! Welcome to our very first video series: Let’s Discuss! Today we are going to be discussing the effects of cancer on mental health with Janhavi, a stem cell biologist who just happens to be a breast cancer survivor as well. What makes this video even more special is that our speaker is our founder’s (Sneha) best friend of the last 15 years! Make sure you watch till the end to hear about an amazing project that Janhavi is initiating along with Shivani, a photographer, in order to spread awareness about the stigma that cancer patients face. Enjoy!

To know more about psycho-oncology, and how you can pursue psycho-oncology in India, you can check out the links below:

To read our article on the grief cycle, click here: A Little Journey Called Grief

If you are or know anyone that is above the age of 18 years and is currently undergoing cancer treatment, and will be interested in taking part in the project that Janhavi and Shivani are intitating, you can contact either one of them:

Shivani: email her at or direct message her on Instagram

Janhavi: Direct message her on Instagram

Thank you so much for watching, we hope you enjoyed it!

Sneha and Monali

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3 thoughts

  1. My friend has been operated for breast cancer in 2013. I have gone thru your video and think it is a very apt initiative and will help cancer patients to understand what has happened to them and what may happen during the treatment. It will also help other people as they also will know what the cancer patient has gone thru and will not think about some silly ideas (rumours) they have been hearing. I will send this to my friend Rani Sakalkar, who is 63 yrs and i am sure she will contact you. Keep it up young talented and innovative girls.

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