Video Series: Let’s Discuss- But I’m LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Isn’t That Enough?

Hi everyone!

It’s time for the second episode of our video series, Let’s Discuss! Today we are in discussion with Pranav Arwari, an amazing friend who identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community, who helped us understand that being an ally is so much more than just saying that you support the community, but actually involves a huge amount of self-awareness, unlearning and relearning!

Just a note, while filming this, it was raining quite heavily, so there were a few internet disturbances causing the same in the video. Sorry about that!

To know more about LGBTQIA+ counselling, and in general more about the community visit the Mariwala Health Initiative website.

We hope this video was as eye opening for you as it was for us!

-Sneha and Monali

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