Video Series: Let’s Discuss-Psychologist vs Psychiatrist?!

We are back with our third episode of Let’s Discuss! This time around, we are tackling the insane debate of which professional is better-the psychiatrist or the psychologist? But is there really a rivalry between the two? And if there is, should something be done about it, and why? Our guest for this episode is Mumbai based psychiatrist, Dr. Rahul Khemani and a good friend of ours! Along with him we discuss this debate and the implications of not working together as a mental health teams. According to him, we are all like Sherlock Holmes, conducting our own investigations and coming to a joint solution. This video was created to make people that aren’t mental health professionals aware of the role each person in the mental health field plays and how it’ll help if you decide to consult a mental health professional. Our second intention in making this video was so that the mental health community understands that we all need to unite and respect each other so that our message of mental health awareness is heard loud and clear!

Visit Dr. Rahul Khemani’s instagram profile here!

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Sneha and Monali

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