Episode 4 Let’s Discuss: The Role Of Psychology in Conservation

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our 4th episode of Let’s Discuss- a video series in which The Psychology Nook explores the vast world of psychology. Today we have Prachi Paranjpye, one of India’s FIRST conservation psychologists! Prachi presently works with the Wildlife Conservation Trust, India, which is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and has done her Masters in Social Psychology from Mumbai University. In this episode, she discusses with The Psychology Nook about what conservation psychology exactly is and why understanding the relationship between man and nature should be stressed upon. We hope you enjoy learning about conservation psychology as much as we did!

If you are a psychology student interested in learning more about conservation psychology or social psychology, you can contact Prachi via email on prachi@wctindia.org.

To learn more about the Wildlife Conservation Trust, and the type of work they do, click here.

To watch our other episodes in our series, Let’s Discuss, click here.

We hope you enjoyed this episode!

Sneha and Monali

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